"Urgent Engineering Information"

Register Your Downlink Antenna with the FCC Before July 18th!

DATE: May 15, 2018 TO: All FNN/Premiere XDS Satellite Affiliates

SUBJECT: C Band Satellite Registration

The FCC is currently evaluating shared use of the 3.7 Ė 4.2 Ghz C Band for mobile broadband data services. If approved, this could subject your satellite reception, from Premiere and other providers, to objectionable interference.

Itís critical that you register your downlink before July 18, 2018, so the FCC is aware of your need for interference protection. If you do not register for protection, you risk losing ALL of your satellite programming.

Until July 18th, the FCC has waived the Frequency Coordination Study fee of $1,500. Only a $435 filing fee applies for the FCC application.

If you donít register your downlink during this window, the FCC will not know that you need protection.

Safeguard your satellite programming and register your downlink immediately by filling out the FCC Form 312, using the paper form, online at http://licensing.fcc.gov/myibfs. You can also engage a third party for assistance, including Satellite Engineering Group, who can be reached at 913-375-1114.

For additional questions, please see the contact information belw:

Premiere Networks: Please call 818-461-8373 or e-mail dishreg@premiereradio.net