Election Coverage from the Florida News Network

August 28th Primary

FNN News will provide primary election reports on Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

The reports will be fed at :15 & :45 past each hour beginning at 7:15PM ET and ending at 9:45PM ET. Each report will be 2:00 in length.

This coverage is available on your XDS receiver (Port A) under the program name "FNN Election Returns (L or R)". Audio will be on both the left and right audio channels of the port in mono.  Net cue FNN0101 will be used for start, FNN0103 will be used for end.

Please schedule this program in your XDS receiver several hours in advance.

The reports will also be available on FNN Ondemand. The latest report (only) will be posted. It will be updated by :20/:50 past the hour.

Please contact the FNN newsroom at (800) 560-6397 with any questions or comments or via email to news@fnnonline.net.